Isto non é Berlin (This is not Berlín)

In 2020, we recorded a documentary piece about the performing arts community in A Coruña. It featured the participation of 14 individuals from the city with an artistic practice within dance and performing arts, who are part of the beautiful and unique context that fosters contemporary creation in this region.

“Isto non é Berlín” ("This is Not Berlin") is a particular and subjective portrait of an era and a city, showcasing the diversity and vibrancy of the scene in our closest context. With all its lights and shadows, it constitutes our artistic capital, the only one we have.

With the launch of the new website in 2023, we are making the complete documentary public after its premiere in 2020 at the Ágora Center, and its presentation at the Teatro Colón in A Coruña as part of the Expanded Programming TRC Danza 2021 and at the Herdanza Festival in Santiago de Compostela in 2022.

Felix, Caterina e Alexis do colectivo RPM
Felix, Caterina and Alexis from RPM

This project was filmed at Normal, the cultural intervention space of the University of A Coruña.

Directed by: Caterina Varela, Félix Fernández, and Alexis Fernández

Featuring: Alba F. Cotelo, Alexis Fernández, Ana Beatriz Pérez, Andrea Quintana, Ánxela Blanco, Armando Martén, Caterina Varela, Estefanía Gómez, Félix Fernández, Javier Martín, Julia Laport, Kirenia Martínez, Sabela Domínguez, and Sabela Mendoza

Editing and Music: Félix Fernández

Acknowledgments: Normal, University of A Coruña, IMCE, A Coruña City Council