Residencias Paraíso 2023

For the seventh consecutive year, we have developed the inspiring process of selecting the artists for Residencias Paraíso 2023. Thanks to the collaboration and commitment of various partner spaces and institutions, we are collectively driving this interinstitutional program to support the performing arts community in our region.

In 2023, we have increased the number of artistic residencies to 9 and raised the total grant to 22.000€, supporting the creative processes of Alejandra Balboa, Edu Valiña and Ana Gesto, Bal Castro and Inés Santos, Brigitte Vasallo, Clara Pampyn, Alejandra Pombo Su, Julián Pacomio, Luísa Saraiva and Laura Iturralde, and Carmen Triñanes.


Gráfica Residencias Paraíso 2023