A simulación, unha estratexia neobarroca para unha sátira documental

Within the framework of Cruceiro Paraíso 2023, the artist Borja Fernández will travel to Madrid to envision how to bring his thesis to the stage with the support of prosecutor Pilar Fernández. Additionally, he will take advantage of this opportunity to attend the training by Lucas Condró and Poliana Lima at Espacio Tiempo.

Invited by the RPM collective and their program Cruceiros Paraíso, I will engage in a series of conversations with prosecutor and dance practitioner Pilar Fernández about freedom of expression in the performing arts. The meetings with Pilar, who resides in Madrid, will take place in different locations: her home, her workplace, while commuting around the city during her working hours, and at the Espacio-tiempo dance center, where I will attend her regular classes with Lucas Condro and Poliana Lima. The overall objective of this support in her daily life is to find theoretical-practical tools for a future performative conference. To achieve this, we will start by applying the laws of the current Spanish Penal Code (related to freedom of expression in the arts) to the public defense of my thesis in dramaturgy, which took place on October 17, 2023, at the French headquarters of the National University of the Arts in Buenos Aires, titled: 'Simulation, a neo-baroque strategy for a documentary satire.'

This Cruceiro Paraíso is made possible thanks to the support of the Deputación Provincial of A Coruña.

Borja Fernández

Borja Fernández

Graduated in Art History from USC (University of Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain), he recently presented his thesis in dramaturgy at UNA (National University of the Arts, Buenos Aires).

He has collaborated with Grupo Chévere (2014 National Theater Award - Spain) since 2003.
His project 'SALVADOR' was selected by Iberescena in 2017 for their grants in dramaturgical creation abroad (Brazil).