Thanks to our collaboration with Dantzagunea and within the framework of Cruceiros Paraíso 2023, Ana Beatriz Pérez will approach this space for creation in Errentería to begin working on a new stage proposal titled "Anfibia."

"Everything begins by imagining, imagining a blank space that gradually comes to life or gains meaning, transforming into a body, into action, into struggle, into panting, into stillness. An immersive space to breathe within, to seek calm, the tranquility that follows the outburst, the nerves. And in this exercise of imagination, a name appears, Anfibia, a name that leads me towards something yet to be deciphered but suggests adaptability. The ability to find oneself in various environments. On land or in sea, in the conscious and the unconscious, in fiction and in reality.

With the interest of delving into this amphibious concept, I will commence this first stage of work, with the starting point being breathing and its different manifestations. Conducting an exercise of observation and awareness of the act of breathing."

Imaxe Ana Beatriz Pérez

Ana Beatriz Pérez

Ana Beatriz Pérez

Graduated from the National School of Arts in Havana with a specialization in modern and folkloric dance (1984-1991). She was a member of the Contemporary Dance Company of Cuba for ten years, achieving the title of principal dancer.

In 2001, she moved to Galicia, invited by the Druída Danza Company. She was a member of various companies, including Experimenta Danza, Trespasando, and Cía Entremans, where she developed a significant part of her work. She has pursued her professional career in both creation and teaching, allowing her to remain active to this day.