Atelier Chiara Mulas and Serge Pey (Toulouse)

Imaxe Chiara Mulas e Serge Pey

Serge Pey, visual artist, visual poet, novelist, philosopher of poetry, Serge Pey is one of the most unique artists in the international avant-garde of performance art. A theorist of the relationships between entertainment, writing, and the body, or a thinker of word rituals and subversive spaces of public poetry, Serge Pey leads the action poetry seminar-workshop and the temporary art laboratory at the University of Toulouse-le Mirail. He is a member of the joint research unit A.C.T.E. (Art, Creation, Theory, Aesthetics) SOR-BONNE-CNRS. He is also the organizer and founder of Cloud in Pants, a restless artistic movement.

Chiara Mulas was born in 1972 in Sardinia and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna (Italy). A performer, visual artist, and video artist, Chiara Mulas stages her performances in places and myths of her native geography. Her artistic research leads her to explore the rituals of her people. In the intersection between "real cinema" and fiction, Chiara Mulas's videos evoke a dreamlike dimension, created with her ancestral myths seen through a contemporary practice. Her work also addresses themes of social criticism. Chiara Mulas invents a new and personal relationship with contemporary art, including in the creation of video installations.

Mónica Mura with Encontro con Chiara Mulas e Serge Pey