Hugo Torres

Imaxe Hugo Torres

Bahía Botánica

Within the Cruceiros Paraíso 2023, Hugo Torres will travel to the Convento São Bento da Vitória in Porto, a building belonging to the National Theater São João. This Cruceiro will involve the continuation of the work in progress on Bahía Botánica. The artistic residency will focus on the creative collaboration with the Portuguese lighting designer Nuno Meira.

Bahía Botánica is based on the idea that, through sensors transforming the electromagnetic pulsation of plants into MIDI signals interpreted by electronic music instruments, live music can be created by playing with plants. With this Cruceiro, the idea is to add another layer to the project, using the same principle of communication with plants so that they also control the lights.

For several days, Hugo Torres and Nuno Meira will work on the light design of the project and on integrating the lights with the music. The goal is to investigate how to achieve the integration of lights and music, transforming the project into a piece that can operate completely autonomously.

Imaxe Bahía Botánica

Hugo Torres

Hugo Torres is an actor, musician, composer, and artistic director. He begins his career at the age of six with the theater company Trigo Limpo in Tondela. In the nineties, he moves to Oporto, where he graduates in Theater/Performance from ESMAE (Escola Superior de Música e das Artes do Espectáculo). From 1996 to 2006, he is part of the resident cast of the National Theater São João in Oporto. In the early 2000s, he moves to Barcelona to study film at CECC, and since 2007, he has been living in Santiago de Compostela, where he co-founds the company Voadora, of which he was the artistic director alongside Marta Pazos until its closure in 2022. He holds the María Casares XVII Award for Best Original Music for Tokio3.